Chef's Recipes - Seafood Risotto

Our Chefs are always happy to give away their secrets (well…not all), so every month our head chef will tell you how to make amazing but simple seafood recipes’ at home! This month is….

Seafood risotto (Risotto ai frutti di mare) – An impressive, extra special treat

This classic seafood risotto with fennel let’s all those beautiful ingredients and flavours shine.

Ingredients: 200grams of Aborio rice. 500 grams of fresh seafood mix, 2 small carrots roughly chopped, 3 tomatoes diced, fresh parsley. Half bulb of fennel finely diced, 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds, 1 pinch of dried chilli, extra virgin olive oil and juice of one lemon.

Now let’s get cooking…

Slow cook rice in stock for 20 mins. Sweat carrots and fennel for 10mins in olive oil then add your seafood mix. Slowly cook for 8mins then add lemon juice, parsley & the fennel seeds. Turn in the rice & Serve! How Simple….. !